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Using Vaginal Boric Acid – Dangerous or Safe Natural Solution?

October 22, 2023

Drug Feature – Vaginal Boric Acid: Uses| Effectiveness| Safety

Boric acid is a chemical with many uses, but let’s closely examine some of its properties when used as a vaginal agent, including its safety and effectiveness.

We’ve compiled 10 commonly asked questions on vaginal boric acid below.

Group of peaches on cream background representing use of vaginal boric acid

What is Vaginal Boric Acid (VBA), and what is it used for? 

It is a homoeopathic preparation containing small amounts of boric acid and other elements, including probiotics and antioxidants, vitamins C and E.

Boric acid is weak compared to stronger acids like hydrochloric acid. It is thought to have antifungal and mild antiseptic properties.

It also works by replenishing normal vaginal acidity and balancing vaginal flora (helpful germs).

As a result, people feel it would be helpful in some vaginal conditions.

Is it Safe to use Boric acid in the Vagina? 

This is a loaded question. People feel that because this is homoeopathic, it is natural and does not cause harm.

Other people think that boric acid is a weak acid, and so is safe as a result.

However, boric acid can cause significant problems if not used carefully and under the care of your doctor.

It is poisonous if used (swallowed, inhaled or applied) in large quantities.

High concentrations can lead to reproductive problems, possible kidney damage, or disrupt the way your glands and metabolic systems work.

It can affect the liver and the brain.

So its safety, is ONLY fairly certain if used under the supervision of your doctor for specific conditions.

What are the Common Reasons Women Use Boric Acid in the Vagina? 

Naturopaths commonly recommend vaginal boric acid for these vaginal conditions:

Yeast Infections: Boric acid is sometimes used to treat recurrent yeast infections (vaginal candidiasis).

It may also be used to treat Bacterial vaginosis (BV), although antibiotics are the primary treatment for this condition.

Alone, VBA is not an effective treatment for BV, especially if it is recurrent. In combination with some antibiotics, VBA may help treat recurrent BV.

It may also be used as a vaginal cleanser to eliminate vaginal odour.

The problem with this is that frequent use may lead to over-stripping the VJ of its natural flora/germs, affecting its acidity and increasing your risk of infections. 

Are there any Potential Side Effects or Risks Associated with Boric Acid Use? 

Some general side effects of using Boric acid are tummy pain, a rash, and diarrhoea.

Some women may experience vaginal irritation, burning, or discomfort as a side effect.

You may get a watery vaginal discharge, redness, or a rough sensation in the vagina.

Rarely, an allergic reaction to boric acid can occur, leading to more severe symptoms.

How do I use VBA Suppositories correctly? 

First is to be clear your Dr has checked this is safe for you to use and provided instructions on your dose and duration.

Next, follow these instructions.

Thirdly, check the information leaflet to learn about any possible side effects.

VBA usually comes as a capsule or pellet known as a suppository meant for use ONLY in the vagina.

They typically come with an applicator that helps you insert the suppository within the vagina.

Clean your hands before and after handling the applicator and inserting the drug.

It’s advised that you only use this medicine with the applicator provided.

If you have one that is disposable, do not reuse it.

In addition, avoid having sexual intercourse while treating a vaginal condition with VBA.

Remember, it will not prevent an infection from spreading to your partner and will not treat or prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Can VBA be used to Treat Yeast Infections? 

Boric acid may effectively treat recurrent yeast infections when other treatments have failed. It may help balance the pH in the vagina. 

How long does it take for boric acid to relieve vaginal discomfort or symptoms? 

The duration of treatment depends on what it is used for, and your doctor should specify this when prescribing.

The duration may range from 3 days (for simple yeast infections) to 1 week for recurring yeast infections.

Different, more prolonged courses may apply when combined with antibiotics for treating BV.

So it depends on what it is being used to treat – and may work within days or weeks of use.

Are there any interactions between boric acid and other medications or products? 

This is another place you might get caught out believing VBA is safe because it is “natural”.

VBA can interact with Oestrogen in your birth control or HRT medicines, affecting how well they work.

If you take drugs containing Magnesium, VBA may also affect their effectiveness.

Where can I purchase VBA suppositories, and do I need a prescription? 

You may get VBA without a prescription for treating vaginal conditions, helping relieve irritation, burning symptoms, and vaginal odour associated with infections.

However, its use is best under the guidance of a doctor for the many reasons we mention above.

You may find them online, at your local chemist or natural health store.

What should I do if I experience any Adverse Reactions while using Boric Acid Vaginally? 

If you have signs of an allergic reaction ( hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.), seek emergency help by calling your local emergency services or attending the nearest hospital.

Additionally, if you get new or worsening symptoms (itch, vaginal discharge, etc.); vaginal burning sensation; high fever; or symptoms that go away and return, stop using this medicine and call your doctor immediately. 

If you have related vaginal health concerns, you can reach us via our email information service.

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