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Hi, I'm Dr Sylvia and I run Askawayhealth. I'm also a General Practitioner who's committed to helping you learn all you need to achieve your health goals! As a GP practising in the UK I see patients from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. I started this website to especially help people of African and Asian origin address their health concerns in ways that speak especially to cultural differences and appropriateness. However, anyone is welcome to use our resources for general health enquiries and to contact us for health information regardless of culture and ethnicity. I hope that you feel at home and find our resources helpful. Please do let us know. 💗



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We are a social enterprise committed to providing solutions to your health and related concerns impacting health and life outcomes.

While our goal is the provision of credible health-related information at the click of a mouse or tap on your phone (or tablet), we do not presume to provide you with definitive diagnosis that must result from clinical assessment specific to your needs.

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