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Black medical doctor in a white coat and red stethoscope examining a patient on a ward. Our doctors on askawayhealth have years of clinical experience to provide top notch care.

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Dr Sylvia

Dr Sylvia


Social Entrepreneur/Founder

AskAwayHealth Email Service

Email Dr Sylvia Kama-Kieghe, General Practitioner and health educator. MBBS / FRCGP / FRCP / DSRH

Getting Started

  1. 1.

    Send a private email with your health enquiry.

  2. 2.

    Receive health advice with relevant guidance and personalised, detailed information in response to your enquiry (with recommendations about the next steps you can take)

We require a minimum payment of £10 to use this service.

AskAway Email Service Booking

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    Enter your details and answer the questions below.

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    Next, make a payment by paying securely online with PayPal.

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    You will receive a payment confirmation email.

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    Dr Sylvia will usually respond (in a separate email) within three working days of your enquiry.

Choose payment amount

Choose payment amount
Please enter your Details
This service is suitable for those between 18 - 65
Please provide as much detail as possible to allow us to address your enquiry properly. Include full description of the problem, when it started, and its overall impact. Any treatments sought to date and your medical background will be helpful.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
You may use the section above to send us jpeg/png images of relevant documents such as pictures, scan reports or laboratory results. ANY enquiry with a file added {document, test result, image etc} attracts a MINIMUM payment of £20, otherwise we will be unable to respond. *Kindly avoid sending images of private (intimate) body parts (such as breasts genitalia or anus), as we cannot answer or refund your payment in such instances.
By proceeding to book our email service, you consent:

1. That the information we will provide in response does not replace any medical advice or treatment from your own local health provider. It is also information limited to the details you provide in your enquiry, as we have no access to your full medical background. Finally, this information/advice does not represent a physician-patient relationship with Dr Sylvia or with Askawayhealth and any of it's staff or clinicians.

2. That any sensitive or personal information provided by you during sessions is factual and provided solely to provide guidance in specific scenarios. We guarantee to hold your information confidential and not to be shared with 3rd parties without your consent.

3. Completed payments are not refundable unless we have been unable to provide you a response after 72 hours. If you wish to discuss an unsatisfactory response, please send an e-mail to

4. Payment is for a service as detailed in the description of Email Health Information Service. Please note that Askawayhealth is a product of Alevyn Ltd, and your payment for this service will reflect “Alevyn Ltd” on your bank statements.

5. By ticking this box you confirm you are NOT sending sending graphic files, images or any other form of private (intimate) body parts including breasts, genitalia or anus. *If otherwise, kindly avoid sending your enquiry as we cannot answer or refund your payment in such instances.

6. You agree that if your message includes an image or file (pictures, documents, scan reports or laboratory results) your minimum payment is £20, otherwise we will be unable to respond. *If otherwise, kindly avoid sending your enquiry as we cannot answer or refund your payment in such instances.

7. By using this email service, you confirm you are over 18 years old. Please refer to our privacy policy for how we use your information.
Askawayhealth 2023 grant recipient from European Union Development Fund

Askawayhealth, 2023 Award Recipient

Our educational content meets the standards set by the NHS in their Standard for Creating Health Content guidance.

Askawayhealth aims to deliver reliable and evidence based women's health, family health and sexual health information in a way that is easily relatable and easy for everyone to access.

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Utilize our complimentary symptom checker tool to gain more information about any uncertain symptoms you might have.