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Black medical doctor in a white coat and red stethoscope examining a patient on a ward. Our doctors on askawayhealth have years of clinical experience to provide top notch care.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of service is AskAwayHealth?
We are a social enterprise providing private healthcare information services online.
Is AskAwayHealth an online medical consultation service?
No, we are a healthcare information and advisory service that guide our users through their healthcare journey and signposts them to appropriate services.
Is AskAwayHealth a replacement for your doctor?
No, we are not. We only provide limited services in health information and advice and signposting. We do not provide clinical services. We should be used to complement your doctors care.
What is "My Account" with AskAwayHealth?
It will allow you to access our services, assuming you have the appropriate membership.
What does advice at AskAwayHealth mean?
It means any medical information that any of our healthcare practitioners provide in writing by email or other methods of communication, concierge, and signposting to appropriate medical services as well as social and green prescription.
What is the benefit of the concierge service at AskAwayHealth?
It is a digital service that provides personalised solutions tailored to address a specific problem by working with a trained and experienced healthcare practitioner to address, explore and discover the most effective solutions appropriate for the needs of the service user.
Is AskAwayHealth run by doctors?
AskAwayHealth is run by well trained, qualified and experienced doctors using their expertise to provide health care information and guidance that complements care that you receive from your local health provider.

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Askawayhealth is a product of Alevyn Ltd. Please complete the enquiry form (media/partnership enquiries only). For health enquiries, use the email health service.

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Askawayhealth 2023 grant recipient from European Union Development Fund

Askawayhealth, 2023 Award Recipient

Our educational content meets the standards set by the NHS in their Standard for Creating Health Content guidance.

Askawayhealth aims to deliver reliable and evidence based women's health, family health and sexual health information in a way that is easily relatable and easy for everyone to access.

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