Covid-19 useful tips

Useful Tips For Treating Covid Symptoms at Home

Wondering what you can do and take when treating Covid symptoms at home?

For many of us, we are now used to living with the pandemic and being conscious of safety measures to take.

However, if one does get Covid-19, most of the time the illness is not severe (Learn more about Covid here.)

Treating Covid Symptoms at home – how to decide.

With 80% of symptomatic cases not requiring intensive care support or hospital admission, in some countries, a lot of people with Covid infection are advised to remain at home.

They may experience varying degrees of ill health that range from being mildly unwell and lasting a week or more; to be very unwell and exhausted with several symptoms.

This latter group may be ill for periods of 2-3 weeks and longer.

People on the extreme part of the spectrum may struggle with fluctuating ill health over the period.

In other words, they may after experiencing a few days of illness, they may start to improve for a little while and relapse – till the entire course of illness ends.

Therefore in the infogram below, we summarise some of the symptoms that happen – and (for those able to cope at home), what they can do to manage and gain some relief while the virus runs its course.

Covid-19 useful tips

In addition, read about managing the following symptoms of Covid:

Do you want to know how to deal with a specific Covid-19 problem? Book an appointment here with us to discuss.

Stay well.

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