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Avoid Period Stress At Your Next Big Event – 3 Ways to Postpone Your Period

June 22, 2022

It can happen before a big event, graduation, holidays etc., when changing pads/ cups or tampons becomes more of a hassle than usual!

lady in purple suit speaking at lectern, thankful she learned about delaying periods

But what do you do when worried that mother nature or ‘Aunt Flo’ will visit you the night before or the morning of your wedding/event? 

We know this is already a potentially stressful day, so in this post, we’ll share some ways you can ensure the only mums and aunties that turn up are those you invited.

Beautiful Ibo bride at her traditional wedding - you were smart to postpone your period for your big day
Bella Naija Weddings

Planning Ahead to Postpone Your Period.

If you want to be sure you will not have a period during your wedding/ honeymoon, the safest option requires months of planning ahead.

Yes, you can use a method that starts working within a few days, as described below, but it may not necessarily be the safest for you.

If having a period-free wedding (event) even means so much – thinking ahead is key!

We will describe hormonal methods here, so please remember that they all have side effects:

Combined Contraceptive Pill

  • For a woman using the combined contraceptive method already, like the pills, patch, ring and so on, you can skip the break before the start of the next pack. This means you continue straight ahead to the subsequent tablets, patches or rings.
    • Following this back-to-back method will allow you to have no periods until the next time you are due a break. Since you are already on the method, the risks of side effects from beginning the method are less (for instance, developing a blood clot). Please note! – This does not work with the mini pill!!
Married couple on a beach - can sex postpone your period?

Depot Progesterone shot (Depo Injection)

  • The next method requires even longer planning – you will need to have been on the Depo shot injection. This method allows you to have the progesterone shot every 2-3 months for contraception.
    • Most women stop having their periods within 12 months of using the method. So if you are a bride-to-be already on this method and happy with it, you don’t need to worry about periods spoiling the day. If you are on this method and already have no periods, this already solves that problem.
    • This method may not suit everyone. Some women struggle with depo-shot side effects, as you’ll see here, but if it does suit you, it solves that problem. 

Progesterone tablet

  • The next method is using a Progesterone-containing drug taken a few days before your usual period will start and continuing until you want the period to begin.
    • Commonly in the UK, this is Norethisterone (NET). To use this method, you should have a regular cycle because that gives you an idea about when your period will be due.
    • It is a popular method. In the case of a big event next month, you should know when your last month’s period was and the period dates this month. This predicts which week (next month) your period will start. So, you can begin the pills three days before the D-day.

But does Norethisterone have any harmful side effects? 

Yes, have a look below – and please make sure you read the information leaflet before taking this drug. 

Norethisterone may cause breast tenderness, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, or acne outbreaks in some women. In addition, it might affect your mood and sex drive! It can also increase the risk of developing a blood clot. 

graduation class - women glad they learned 'how to postpone your period'.

More Caution with Norethisterone

You should not use this drug if you are pregnant, have any form of liver disease, or have had a blood clot in the past. 

A few other conditions do not go well with this drug, so ONLY use this medicine after you have seen your doctor to discuss your medical background. 

You can expect your period to resume within 2-3 days of stopping the drug. 

So these are the hormonal methods you can use to postpone the period before a big event.

If you think ahead of time, you can get a method that will suit you – please make sure you check it is safe to use.

Now two questions related to intentionally delaying your period:

Q – How does delaying your period affect your fertility?

None of these methods causes any permanent effect on fertility. Using NET, your periods and fertility resume as soon as you stop.

The same applies to taking the pill back-to-back. However, the Depo shot can delay fertility for some time, so please note this for when you are planning to fall pregnant.

If you are using or plan to use the Depo shot, you may experience a delay in fertility for up to 12 months after stopping, so factor this in when choosing.

Q – Is it ok to use Ibuprofen to postpone your period?

This is a popular thing in some places; I heard someone sharing how to stop a period within minutes simply by taking Ibuprofen mixed with Jelly.

So essentially, it is the Ibuprofen effect they are looking for, clearly not the jello!

It is NOT recommended for some reasons.

Firstly, while a high dose of Ibuprofen may lighten heavy bleeding, it may not be able to stop it completely. However, some drugs are similar to Ibuprofen, i.e. not hormonal, that we use to treat heavy menstrual bleeding.

This is not the same as postponing the period.

 Secondly, Ibuprofen does have serious side effects. This is not meant for everyone – e.g., Asthmatics, people with acid reflux disease, or kidney disease.

It can irritate the bowel or stomach lining, leading to bleeding from the gut. It can contribute to kidney failure if taken carelessly.

Therefore, please avoid using Ibuprofen in high doses for this purpose; follow the advice of your GP and the drug information leaflet!

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