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The 4 Best Oral Hygiene Products in 2021

January 12, 2022

COVID-19 impacted the world in multiple ways. Economies slowed, schools closed, and people stayed at home. As we emerge from this stupor, dentists have discovered another effect of the pandemic: worsened oral health.

In our guest post this week, we share helpful tips for the best oral hygiene products to bring your mouth, teeth and gums back to excellent working order.

The FDI World Dental Federation reports that a year after lockdowns began, dentists began seeing a higher incidence of tooth decay and gum disease.

The organisation believes this is because of how our routines changed during the pandemic.

Due to staying at home for so long, many people skipped brushing as often and could not venture out for their dental appointments.

If you feel you’ve been lax on your oral health these past two years, you may want to take steps to get back on track.

Though you should always see your dentist first, you can supplement these appointments by using the best oral hygiene products at home.

Below we run through a few choice items many people around the world used in 2021.

oral health

@thebasicmarket_com on Instagram

Best Toothpaste: Dr Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste

If you’re looking for multi-purpose toothpaste, consider those that whiten your teeth and promote gum health.

Beauty site Pretty Me particularly recommends oral health products that don’t contain fluoride, as an excess can actually discolour your teeth.

As mentioned earlier, gum problems are also common, especially among women.

According to Medicover Hospitals, this is because menstruation and pregnancy cause hormone levels to fluctuate significantly.

This toothpaste from Dr Bronner’s checks all the boxes with a fluoride-free formula that soothes sensitive teeth and gums while freshening your breath, fighting plaque, and whitening your smile.

oral health

@anawizuk on Instagram

Best Toothbrush: Radius Source Toothbrush with Replaceable Head

As we’ve previously discussed in Bad Breath – Why & What To Do, changing your toothbrush regularly — around every 3 to 4 months — can help prevent breath stink.

However, toothbrushes are also made from plastic, and this can lead to more waste.

Fortunately, the Radius Source is a soft-bristled brush made entirely of either plant-based or recycled materials.

The handle is sourced from dollar bills, and the dye-free bristles come from vegetable-based nylon.

The heads are not only replaceable but have a curved bed that’s great for gently massaging your gums.

The handle also has an ergonomic design, so even lefties can use them comfortably.

oral health

@getcocofloss on Instagram

Best Floss: Cocofloss

You really should floss daily, and if you don’t, it’s probably because it can be a chore.

Fortunately, there’s Cocofloss. With over 500 textured fibres, you’ll really feel it pulling plaque out without aggravating your gums.

What’s more interesting is that it comes in a variety of flavours, from dark chocolate to pineapple and even s’mores. (Check out their Christmas-themed flosses above).

It actually makes you want to floss every day. And that’s probably why it was the brand most recommended by dentists in a 2019 NY Mag article titled The Best Dental Floss, According to Dentists.

Best Mouthwash: By Humankind

Your mouthwash should not contain alcohol. It stings, and this influential study published in the British Dental Journal found that it plays a negligible effect on mouthwash.

This is where By Humankind comes in. Its mouthwash comes in tablet form, which you can easily dissolve in a glass of water.

Replacing fluoride is baking soda, which has antiseptic and alkaline properties that cleanse your teeth without harming their enamel.

Meanwhile, tartaric acid derived from grapes naturally balances out your pH levels.

In brief, it cleans just as effectively without being harsh on your mouth.

Is Your Oral Health Fit?

With so many oral health products to choose from, it can be difficult to discern which are the best.

Hopefully, this guide helps you get the ones you need for a healthier mouth.

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