Healthy Foods To Wean Your Baby On – Infogram

This infogram shows some really good,healthy ideas for foods to wean your baby on.

All mums want to make sure their children stay healthy.

Once its time for your baby to move on from milk, what should you give them?

Here are a few ideas and how to quickly put them together.

We’ve also got an excellent blog post on how a new mum got her baby past some weaning challenges – here.

For more great ideas, we’ve added some references and other websites for you to use in the box below the infogram.

Healthy foods to wean your baby on
Full Recipe Sources

Oatmeal Porridge

Mashed yams/potatoes/rice/pasta/plantain served with mashed lentils, green peas or beans.

Mashed yams/potatoes/rice/pasta/plantain served with pureed fish, meat or chicken.

Nigerian swallow foods.

Pasta/rice/plantain and pureed fish, meat or chicken with vegetables.

Mashed Avocados or natural peanut butter with tiny bits of bread. Remove the crust and chewy edges of the bread.

Semolina/cornmeal porridge served with infant formula and soft fruits.

Mashed potatoes/yams and scrambled eggs/cooked eggs.

Pureed potatoes and vegetables.

Apple and couscous porridge

Porridge made with previously milled ingredients/Pap.

Yoghurt Meals

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