Self-Managed Abortion

Abortion laws are severely restricted in many countries including Nigeria.

A recent study in Haiti explored the practice of self-managed abortion and the attitudes around it – some of the key points are listed in the graphic below.

Some of the biggest outcomes of severe restrictions include people seeking abortions in inappropriate or inadequate locations where little value is given to quality care provision or; people resort to solving the problem by themselves using a variety of medications and concoctions that can also have serious effects and complications.

It’s important to question the benefit of restrictive laws that limit access to quality healthcare for members of a population; and results in more adverse outcome than good.

With low contraceptive prevalence and the stigma associated with seeking healthcare for sexual problems in many countries, the incidence of fatality from exploitative illegal and/or self-managed abortions may continue to rise unless actions are taken to address these key factors.

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