learning about cancer

Learning about Cancer, Screening and Diagnosis

Updated 6th January 2021

Learning about Cancer is important to help us deal with the condition when it happens.

The term Cancer refers to the abnormal growth of cells in the body that disrupts its normal function.

Cancer can happen in any part of the body.

learning about cancer

Problems Detecting Cancer

The initial appearance of Cancer depends on where abnormal changes are occurring.

This may provide specific clues that can help with early diagnosis.

In many developing countries like Nigeria, one of the biggest challenges to managing Cancer effectively is finding it early.

Difficulty with getting health care and the lack of health information are two problems that contribute to late detection.

In addition, some cultural beliefs create situations where Cancer goes unreported until very late stages.

At late stages, the limited options are palliative care ie, care simply to provide relief from pain or other symptoms rather than curative treatment.

Access to Early Cancer Diagnosis Saves Lives

Gradually, we are making progress.

Awareness campaigns to encourage early symptom discussion are happening more often.

There is also increased access to screening and treatment intervention though health care costs remain a big challenge.

It is hoped that the increasing uptake of healthcare insurance in Nigeria will help in managing cost burdens.

learning about cancer

Types of Cancer

In this section, we cover Cancer as it presents in different parts of the body by looking at risk factors, symptoms and locally available treatments.

Click on one of the links below for the relevant section.

Breast Cancer (Women)

Cancer affecting Men (Prostate)

Bladder and Kidney Cancer

Lung Cancer – Any ‘Non-Smoking’ Reasons Putting You At Risk?

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