Cervical Cancer Screening Nigeria

Cervical Cancer Screening Centres in Nigeria

Where can you find a Cervical Cancer Screening Centre in Nigeria today? On this page we share our updated list of health facilities that provide tests so you can visit for your screening and identify your risk of developing Cervical Cancer.

Article Updated 07/02/2021

What is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical Cancer is a type of cancer affecting the neck of the womb in women.

It is the 2nd most common cancer in Nigerian women.

When it does develop, cervical cancer can grow very quickly leading to lots of medical problems and eventually death.

However, what if we could avoid this with cervical cancer screening?

Why is Cervical Screening Important?

Fortunately, despite its fatality, cervical cancer can be prevented many years before it happens.

We can achieve this in two ways.

Firstly, by having cervical cancer vaccination – usually as a young child from age 9 years.

And a second, additional measure is by having a regular cervical cancer screening programme.

learning about cancer

What Does Cervical Screening Mean?

Screening is a process of detecting very early signs of Cervical Cancer in order to prevent its progress.

Cervical Cancer Screening is also known as Pap Smear.

Learn more about Cervical Cancer here.

Tests available include:

  • VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid),
  • Pap Smear;
  • while HPV vaccines can be also given in some locations, so please ask.

What Happens During the Pap Smear and VIA?

These are two separate tests done to screen for cervical cancer in Nigeria; though others including LBC and HPV DNA tests are available in other countries.

Cervical Cancer Screening Centre

Pap Smear

A pap smear is a screening test that you have to detect for any early signs of changes in your body which indocate future cefrvical cancer.

During a pap smear, a very small amount of cells or tissue (smear) is collected from your cervix. The test can be performed by a nurse or doctor trained to collect the sample.

The pap smear involves having a pelvic exam, where the doctor uses a vaginal speculum to collect the cells from the cervix.

You will not need to be under anaesthesia during the pap smear and the entire procedure should not take longer than ten minutes.

It may be slightly uncomfortable – you may have slight pain when the speculum is being inserted or when the tissue is being collected.

Additionally, there may be slight cramping or spotting afterwards which should settle in a short while.

The results are not immediately available as the cells from your cervix will need to be sent to a laboratory for testing with specialised equipment.

Visual Inspection With Acetic Acid (VIA)

VIA is another test we use in cervical cancer screening.

To carry out a VIA test, you will have a pelvic exam where the nurse or doctor inserts a vaginal speculum and applies an acetic acid solution to the cervix.

They will use a bright lamp (e.g. halogen) to examine the cervix with a naked eye and record the results of the test.

The test is defined as either positive or negative depending on whether any suspicious signs are seen on the cervix that may indicate cancer such as a growth or ulcer.

If this happens you will be offered treatment to the damaged areas at the same time.

VIA is a simple test, inexpensive with results available immediately – and treatment possible at the same time.

Other Screening Methods

The LBC (Liquid Based Cytology) is another method for cervical screening used in some countries like the UK.

Again, cells from the cervix are collected during a pelvic exam using a brush and stored in a special liquid preservative afterwards.

The cells are then spread on a slide to be examined by a specialist.

When Should You Have A Pap Smear /LBC /VIA?

The age you can have any cervical screening test varies from one country to another, but most specialists agree the best time is from age 20 or 21 years and every three years until you reach age 60 years.

Vaccines against the HPV infection can be given to women and girls from age 12 or 13 years upwards to prevent them from contracting HPV when they are older.

This protects them from changes caused by HPV that will lead to Cervical Cancer.

Boys can also have the vaccine to prevent developing HPV infection themselves; or spreading it to others.

Cervical Cancer screening centre

Some Active Screening Centres Across Nigeria

The table below lists some centres and laboratories where tests for cervical cancer screening can be conducted/given across the country by state.

ABIA0909916361411 Factory Road, Aba NigeriaNoneDailyPap Smear
08081499391info@firmcare.com.ngSuite A3/A4, Tswanya Centre,⠀
(Opposite NIPOST HQ)
Muhammadu Buhari Way,⠀
Area 11 Garki
Pap Smear
09014126434, 08040098602info@healthplatformsng.comSuite 402, MKK Plaza, Gudu, Abujahealthplatformsng.comDaily
07030044300info@medicaidradiology.com2, Libreville Street, Off
Aminu Kano Cres; Wuse 2, Abuja⠀
medicaidradiology.comDailyPap Test, HPV Vaccination

ECHO SCANDELTA07003246522contact@echo-scan.comPenny Mart Estate, # 272/273 Nnebisi Road
Opp. First Bank, Beside FCMB, Asaba – Delta State, Nigeria.
MECUREKANO07088646028info@mecure.com8, Post Office Road
(Opposite MoH) Kano.
mecure.com.ngDailyPap smear: 7000
SEBECCLY CANCER CARE ⠀LAGOS08170272543info@sebecclycancercare.orgNUT House. 29 Commercial Avenue, Sabo, Yaba⠀sebecclycancercare.orgMON, WED & FRI5000
LAKESHORE CANCER CENTERLAGOS08034175046marketing@lakeshorecancercenter.org.14 Amodu Tijani Close, Victoria Islandlakeshorecancercenter.org.On Appointment15,000
FOREMOST RADIOLOGYLAGOS08062392299info@foremostradiology.com.ng50 Ogunlana Drive, Surulereforemostradiology.comDaily9,200
OPTIMAL CANCER CARELAGOS08081076646optimalcancercare@yahoo.com118 Bode Thomas Street SurulereIG:optimalcancerfoundation
enquiries@medicentre.com.ng66 Oduduwa Way, GRA Ikeja⠀Medicentre.com.ngDaily15,000
info@medicheckng.com46 Oduduwa Crescent GRA Ikejamedicheckng.comDaily10,000
Behind Mobil Filling Station, MarylandDaily10,000
THE SPECIALIST LABORATORIES ⠀LAGOS08025789286specialistsng.com6, Sodipo St Off Mabo Street⠀
specialistsng.comDailyPap Smear:11,500
HPV: 40,000
MECURE OSHODI⠀LAGOS07088650983info@mecure.comMe Cure House, Debo Industries Compound, Apapa – Oshodi Expressway (near NAFDAC)Mecure.com.ngDaily10,000
ARRIVE ALIVE DIAGNOSTICS AND IMAGINGLAGOS08091838811info@arrivealive.com35 Cole Street off (Same road as Diamond Bank), Ojuelegba.Arrivealiveltd.comDaily
FAMILY SPECIALIST HOSPITALOYO08097763300familyspecialisthospital@gmail.com15b Water Reservoir Road, Oluwonla Area, Bashorun .
MEENA HISTOPATHOLOGY LABPLATEAU08091555722anatomyejike@yahoo.comConstitution Hill Rd, Close to Christian Pilgrims board. Jos⠀Daily10,000
umadu@isaachugohealthsystems.com82 Peter Odili Rd
Port Harcourt, Rivers State
isaachugohealthsystems.comOn Appointment


We hope you find this article helpful.

Contact one of these cervical screening centres close to you to get tested to day – and please come back and share your experience with us.

Stay Well!

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