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How to Make Permanent Changes to Your Diet

March 30, 2023

The food you eat has a huge impact on your health. One of the most common reasons that people decide to change what they eat is to lose weight.

how to make permanent changes to your diet - A Salmon and quinoa dish

Losing weight can have a lot of health benefits, as it reduces the risk of developing major chronic health conditions. 

However, diet culture doesn’t always mean your food choices are healthier.

Rapid diets are unsustainable, meaning that while you might temporarily lose weight, keeping it off is hard. Not only this but with such diet changes, you might not actually feel better.

A more sustainable option is to change your lifestyle and make your diet changes permanent.

One of the main reasons that people lose motivation when dieting is because extreme diets often mean cutting out food you love or living on a severe calorie deficit.

But there are other, healthier options when making diet changes.

A Matter Of Taste

People eat food for a number of reasons. First, we need food to live.

Food gives us energy in the form of calories, and it also provides us with nutrients that keep us healthy and well-nourished.

One of the most dangerous ideas surrounding crash diet culture is that food is the enemy. This simply isn’t true.

Food is also delicious, which is where some people have issues.

We enjoy the act of eating food, and some foods are particularly enjoyable.

As well as enjoying how food tastes, eating is a social activity, meaning that we often bond over a meal.

A restrictive diet might be healthier, especially if you take the time to make sure that you still have a well-rounded diet, but it can be hard to maintain if it simply doesn’t taste nice.

Not only that, but it makes the social aspect of eating more difficult to deal with. The good news is that you can enjoy a healthier diet without restrictions.

healthy diet of steamed plantain and fresh veggie sauce

Healthy Food Can Taste Good

One of the key ways to control what you eat and ensure that you eat more healthily is to cook more meals yourself.

When you cook, you know exactly what goes into your food.

You can also make sure that it tastes delicious. 

A major issue with strict diets is that the food that you can eat is bland and boring.

This is especially true if you cut out a lot of salt, fat, and sugar, which contribute to an unhealthy diet. However, healthy food can be delicious. 

There’s a difference between reducing your intake of salt, fat, and sugar and cutting them out entirely.

We do need a measure of these things in our diet. One way to improve your diet while still enjoying delicious food is to substitute processed and unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives.

Use healthy fat instead of unhealthy fats, and enjoy health; eat your honey instead of sugar. 

You can also make your food taste more delicious by adding spices and seasonings. Salt isn’t the only flavour out there.

Spices are delicious and have plenty of health benefits, so be generous when you add them.

When your food tastes good, it’s easy to stick to your diet. 

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Image Credits: Unsplash, Canva

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