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How to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey if You’ve Been Slacking

February 17, 2023

Have you recently neglected your exercise regimen? Maybe your schedule has been hectic, you’ve been hurt, or you’ve just stopped caring. Then this post on how to kickstart your fitness journey is all you need.

Planning, diet, time are some of the things you need to kickstart your fitness journey - photo shows diary, pen, phone, apples, water bottle, trainers and measuring tape

Whatever the cause, resuming normal activities can be intimidating. It’s never too late to get back on track to a healthier and happier you, which is good news.

Here are some pointers for getting your fitness journey going.

Set Realistic Goals

For a fitness journey to be successful, goals are essential. Setting achievable and realistic goals is crucial, though.

Avoid making overly ambitious goals that might make you lose motivation if you don’t see results right away.

Instead, start with small goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). After achieving these objectives, you can set more difficult ones.

kickstart your fitness journey - fit man in black work out gear doing pull ups

Find Your Motivation

Finding your “why” is crucial when it comes to exercising. What inspires you to exercise?

You might want to enhance your health, reduce stress, gain muscle, or lose weight.

Make sure your motivation is personal and important to you, whatever it may be.

To help you remember why you began your fitness journey in the first place, write it down and keep it visible.

Make A Plan

Having a plan is among the most crucial elements of a successful fitness journey. You can stay on track and accomplish your goals more quickly with the aid of a workout plan.

If you’re unsure of the exercises to perform, consider hiring a personal trainer, enrolling in a fitness class, or consulting online resources.

Find a gym like Fitness 19, plan when you’re going to go there and get the basics planned out first.

Looking pleased at kickstarting your fitness journey, photo shows a fit African lady showing off toned biceps and siling

Start Slowly

It’s crucial to start out slowly if you’ve been lax for a while. Early overexertion can result in injury or burnout.

As you get stronger, gradually up the intensity and duration of your workouts from light to more strenuous ones.

Rest days can also be incorporated into your schedule to help your body heal and avoid injuries.

Track Your Progress

Keeping track of your development is a great way to maintain motivation and gauge your progress. Keep a log of your workouts and details like your measurements, weight, and other pertinent data.

You can also take progress pictures to document your body’s evolution.

No matter how small, acknowledge your successes and use them as fuel to keep going.

Don’t Give Up

If you think you are ready to kickstart your fitness journey, remember that maintaining fitness is a journey with ups and downs. Don’t give up if you experience a setback or a bad day.

As you persevere, you will make progress. When necessary, it’s acceptable to take a break or alter your workouts, but don’t let setbacks deter you from achieving your goals.

Make It Fun

Last but not least, make sure you enjoy your workouts. Try something different, like hiking, dancing, or swimming, if you detest going to the gym.

Seek out a workout partner or turn on your favourite music to keep you company.

Try out various exercises to see which ones are most effective for you. You’ll be more likely to maintain your exercise routine over the long term if you enjoy it.

Contact a health professional if you need some support to take the next step to kickstart your fitness journey.

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