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The Cost of DNA Testing in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide

March 29, 2023

DNA testing has become famous for those looking to uncover their ancestry or confirm paternity.

Several DNA testing centres

But, if you’re in Nigeria and looking for this procedure, you might wonder about the cost.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about DNA test pricing and options in Nigeria.

Understanding DNA Testing: What is it and Why is it Used?

DNA testing is a scientific method of analyzing genetic material extracted from an individual’s cells to identify and map out their unique traits, characteristics, and ancestry.

It can also help determine individual relationships, such as parent-child paternity or sibling connections.

The process involves collecting a sample of DNA through a blood test, cheek swab or other methods.

The collected samples are then analyzed in a laboratory to generate results for medical and legal purposes.

DNA tests have become popular because they provide factual evidence that can be used for legal proceedings or personal reasons, such as finding your ancestral roots or even identifying potential health risks.

lady analyst holding some DNA test reports

Factors Affecting the Cost of DNA Testing in Nigeria

The cost of DNA testing in Nigeria can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • the type of test being performed,
  • the purpose of the test, and
  • the laboratory conducting the analysis.

For instance, a paternity test is less expensive than ancestry or health-related tests.

Additionally, if you need results for legal purposes such as child support or immigration cases, you may pay more for additional documentation and testing procedures.

Also, prices can differ among different laboratories depending on their expertise and reputation. Therefore, it’s essential to research and compares prices from multiple providers before selecting one for your needs in Nigeria.

Different Types of DNA Tests and Their Associated Costs.

DNA testing is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, and several types are available, each with different associated costs.

The most commonly performed tests include paternity, ancestry, and health-related genetic testing.

Paternity tests are the least expensive and generally cost between ₦50,000 to ₦100,000*, depending on the laboratory.

Ancestry testing can range from ₦75,000 to ₦250,000* based on the level of detail you require about your lineage.

If you want genetic information about health outcomes or disease predispositions, you should expect to spend more than ₦300,000*.

However, keep in mind that prices vary among different laboratories, so conducting thorough research is essential before choosing where to have your test.

*prices are variable and subject to fluctuation.

Colour image of a DNA helix

Additional Costs to Consider When Getting a DNA Test in Nigeria.

While the actual DNA test cost is important, there are other costs to consider when getting a DNA test in Nigeria.

One additional cost to factor in is the cost of travel to and from the testing lab. You may need to include transportation and lodging expenses if you live far from the laboratory.

Additionally, some laboratories require follow-up consultations with experts or genetic counsellors.

These consultations come at an added cost but can provide valuable insights into your genetic information and how it relates to your overall health.

Therefore, it’s essential to factor in all these costs before deciding on a laboratory for your needs.

Here are some popular DNA testing centres in Nigeria that you can consider contacting for further information on prices:

Medbury Medical Services

DNA Center Nigeria

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

Clina-Lancet Laboratories

Popular city in Nigeria

SYNLAB Nigeria

Bridge Clinic

Cedarcrest Hospitals

Clinix Healthcare

Afriglobal Medicare

It is important to note that prices for DNA paternity tests may vary depending on the specific centre and the services offered.

mouth swab for DNA testing

Where to Get Reliable and Affordable DNA Testing Services in Nigeria

DNA testing has become increasingly popular in Nigeria, especially for paternity or ancestry purposes.

To get reliable and affordable DNA testing services in Nigeria, one should first research different options and consider the cost of the test and any additional expenses that may arise.

Some reputable laboratories include DNA Center Nigeria, X&Y Laboratories, and SynLab Nigeria.

These labs offer various services, including paternity tests, ancestry tests, and more.

Choosing a laboratory accredited by relevant regulatory bodies is essential to ensure that you receive accurate and reliable results.

With proper research and consideration of all costs, one can find affordable and trustworthy DNA testing services in Nigeria. Speak to us for any more information on this topic.

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