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How To Boost Your Endorphins Naturally For Better Well-Being

June 23, 2023

It’s crucial that we all look for the best ways to boost our mood and improve our overall well-being.

Two ladies sharing a laugh is a top way to boost endorphins

This is more important than ever due to the fast pace of the world around us and all the things we’re expected to fit into a short amount of time. 

It’s not always easy to find ways to make ourselves feel better and to increase the endorphins (feel-good chemicals that make us feel great, reduce stress, and make the world a better place, at least for a while).

Still, we need to focus more on it and prioritise where possible. With that in mind, here are some great (and very enjoyable) ways to boost your endorphins. 


They say that laughter is the best medicine, and like all good cliches, this one is absolutely true.

The more you laugh, the more your endorphin levels will be boosted. This feeling of euphoria might reduce after a while, but the general feeling of well-being you get from having more endorphins in your blood can last for hours. 

This is why finding reasons to laugh every day is so important.

Laugh with family and friends by recounting funny stories, listening to comedy podcasts, watching a funny movie, or doing anything else that will make you smile.

You’ll feel less stressed, more positive, and a lot happier as a result. 

Green bowls of pieces of dark chocolate - eating small amounts helps to boost your endorphins

Take Cold Plunges

Taking cold plunges is a trend that might not sound too pleasant, to begin with, but that is gaining more and more popularity.

As people realise that it’s not only a pleasurable thing to do but one that boosts their endorphins and makes them feel wonderful, they are incorporating these ice baths and cold plunges into their lives as much as possible. 

Not only do cold plunges boost your endorphins, but they also increase circulation, helping with pain and recovery. Plus, they’re great for a sudden energy boost and have been known to help you sleep better. 

Enjoy Dark Chocolate

There is some excellent news for those who love chocolate, specifically dark chocolate; it’s a great way to increase your endorphin levels, so the next time you want to indulge in something sweet, choosing dark chocolate is definitely a good option. 

The more cocoa content the chocolate has, the more it can help you.

You’ll feel a sense of pleasure and be in a much better mood, so it could be worth having a little dark chocolate in your bag or purse whenever you go out for a quick endorphin top-up if you need it. 

Of course, dark chocolate is still chocolate, so you’ll need to practice moderation.

You only need one or two small pieces to get the benefits, and eating a whole bar, while it might be nice at the time, will only make you feel bad or cause you health problems later on. 

Black lady wit light brown skin and both hands crossed on her chest practicing mindfulness is a way to boost endorphins

Practice Mindfulness

There are many benefits to understanding more about mindfulness and practising it when you can, and boosting your endorphin levels is one of those benefits.

When you are mindful, you are in the moment, and you can take the opportunity to quiet your mind because you’ll not be worrying about the past or the future and instead just focus on the here and now. 

Meditation can be a great way to start when it comes to being more mindful. Meditation is all about emptying the mind and being present, so it’s worth trying, and you might be surprised at how good you feel. 

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