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Four Fundamental Questions About Natural Fibroids Treatment

July 12, 2021

What are the Secrets of Natural Fibroids treatment? If you are thinking about using natural methods for fibroids treatment, the information we share here can help. We’ll be looking at four fundamental questions you must consider BEFORE you begin!

What are Fibroids

Fibroids are benign growths in the womb. They are so common 1 in 3 women are thought to have them.

But even though they are so common, they affect women differently.

Some ladies may have tiny fibroids and do not know about them – while many others have large troublesome fibroids. 

Do you want to learn more about Fibroids, their causes, symptoms, and different natural, medical and surgical treatments? 

First – not all fibroids need treatment.

But, if they cause symptoms, they will require some attention.

We’ll look at some common symptoms – and consider the traditional methods.

Natural treatments for fibroids

What are the Symptoms of Fibroids

 Broadly these symptoms are either :

  1. Heavy vaginal bleeding: heavy or prolonged periods and
  2. Bulk symptoms from having large fibroids in the abdomen cause pelvic pain, back pain, painful sex, and problems passing urine or moving your bowels.
  3. Most women can fall pregnant with fibroids. However, having fibroids may rarely affect your ability to become pregnant or lead to miscarriage and premature labour.
  4. Fibroids can also lead to some women developing depression because of the impact of dealing with problems like heavy bleeding, pelvic pain or pregnancy-related issues.

Traditional Western Fibroids Treatment

You can see that fibroids can cause considerable distress; thus, getting adequate treatment is extremely important.

Now the traditional Western approaches for dealing with these symptoms include:

  • prescribed drugs, including hormone therapy or painkillers
  • physical therapy, 
  • radiation treatments
  • Invasive surgery like myomectomy, where the fibroid itself is removed, or a hysterectomy, where the entire womb is taken away
  • non-invasive surgery, including methods like Uterine Fibroid Embolisation


While they may be effective to a great degree, these traditional methods do have some downsides.

Some hormone treatments can cause temporary or more lasting, unpleasant side effects. In addition, the fibroids can grow back once the treatment is stopped.

Surgical treatments can affect fertility or lead to delayed recovery and so on.

 And this is why – for many women – an alternative to these methods is desirable.

Fibroids Natural Treatments Apple Cider Vinegar

What are some Natural Fibroids Treatments?

Now here is a definition of natural treatments for Fibroids:

 Anything that does not include taking traditional medicines, procedures or surgery will be considered natural fibroids treatment.

Examples are:

  • Things you can do at home such as warm compresses or applying local heat, warm baths
  • Yoga and exercise
  • Massage therapy
  • Diet changes
  • Natural remedies (herbs and supplements)
  • Some people also employ holistic/spiritual methods and
  • Alternative treatments like Acupuncture.

Mainly, they address underlying body imbalances that may contribute to ill health.

Unlike traditional methods, natural therapies have not been exposed to many large-scale trials.

This makes it difficult to recommend them generally for people with Fibroids.

What Increases the Risk of Fibroids?

 When we talk about the causes of Fibroids, there’s still no certainty one way or another. 

Instead, we think it’s a combination of different factors, including:

Genetics or familial tendency, your immune system and environmental factors like some chemicals or diet.

We do know that in addition to race or genetics, the following can increase the risk of Fibroids:

  • Being overweight
  • Have a poor diet – especially consuming a lot of red meats like beef and ham; a diet low in dairy, fruit and veg.
  • Consume alcohol – (Women who drink a beer a day or more increase the risk of developing uterine fibroids by more than 50 %)
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
Uterine Fibroids' Natural Treatment

Four Questions When Considering Fibroids’ Natural Treatment

  1. Is it true that Natural Treatments have NO Side Effects?
    • Dietary changes that promote less red meat and alcohol while including recommended calcium, Vit D, Vit A, fruits, and veg do not have side effects. In fact, they support overall health and, in some women, help reduce the size of their fibroids and reduce some symptoms.
    • What about herbs and supplements? Let’s look at a few.
      • Apple Cider Vinegar: has become immensely popular as a natural therapy for many conditions. However, it does not agree with everyone. Apple cider vinegar may be the most popular natural remedy in modern times. Unfortunately, it can also cause severe side effects like anxiety, heart rhythm abnormalities, dizziness, panic attacks, tooth decay, low potassium and acid reflux. 
      • Green Tea: is generally safe for most people but can cause side effects like stomach upset and constipation. 
      • Chinese Herbs like Ghui-Zhi FuLing are reportedly safe in moderate doses. But be careful! Excessive amounts can cause sweating, tiredness, weakness of the limbs, palpitations, dizziness, eye swelling, dry mouth and urinary problems.  
      • Castor Oil may help improve some bowel-related symptoms with fibroids or feelings of congestion. However, the following side effects can happen: – dizziness, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, nausea, electrolyte disturbance, and low blood pressure.  
      • Moringa is another popular herb that some naturopaths believe can help with Fibroids. But did you know it can cause the following effects: stomach upset, including nausea and diarrhoea? Blood disorders like gum bleeding or low platelets, which can affect the way your blood clots, could also happen with Moringa.
    • Green Tea, Castor Oil and Chinese herbs can also interact with your other medication, so you should check with your doctor that taking them together is safe.
    • So what am I saying? When someone says, try this herb, it really helped me – please check carefully – what’s in it and how could it affect you and any other condition you have.
    • Just because it’s a herb doesn’t mean it doesn’t have side effects! In addition – only take supplements from a reputable supplier. Some have been mixed with toxic materials that can cause serious harm.
  2. Why do most Western-trained Doctors disapprove of or don’t recommend natural Therapies?
    • Well, the reasons for these are pretty simple. Traditional Western medicine relies heavily on studies and evidence for how they work.
    • They indicate how effective a method of treatment is. These studies also show the safe doses people can use or cannot have certain surgery.
    • For the time being, this is not possible with most natural treatments. This is why your western trained doctor will not recommend natural therapy alone as a treatment for Fibroids.
    • What if you have risk factors like being overweight, High blood pressure, etc?
      • In that case, your doctor will undoubtedly support dietary changes or other measures that will treat those. But they will also recommend Western methods that could help relieve your symptoms.
  3. Can Natural Treatments Really Make a Difference? Well. This is the million-dollar question: But the truth is NOT ALWAYS.
    • You may find women who say their fibroids disappeared after losing weight, changing their diet, or using certain supplements. But you will also find a large number of women who did not experience these benefits despite using natural treatments.
    • So I think you should have realistic expectations if you choose natural remedies because everyone is different. We metabolise differently, and your experience could be different from others.
    • That said, is it worth trying? After considering the safety concerns and alternatives with your personal preference in mind, I think you can.
  4. How Can You Decide If Natural Fibroid Treatments Are For You?
    • The best way to think of natural fibroids treatments is this:
    • While there is yet no evidence to show they work exclusively, there is also no evidence to show they do not contribute something to Fibroid treatment.
    • Please speak to your health practitioner to know all the available options and possible side effects. Also, discuss with them natural remedies to see what advice they can provide.
    • Don’t rely only on what a friend said; gather as much information as possible from different sources. When doing your research for natural treatments, don’t just take in the possible benefits.
    • Do consider their side effects or how they may interact with any other drugs you are taking or other medical conditions.
    • Be aware ahead of the treatment of just what the goal is. Trying to stop bleeding or bulk symptoms?
    • Finally, if you decide that you simply can’t tolerate traditional Western methods or have had bad experiences with them, work with a supportive practitioner so your progress is being monitored while using any natural treatments!

 You can see these are essential areas to think about before proceeding with your treatment, whichever it may be.

Don’t forget; if you are considering any method and are unsure what it entails, you can schedule a consultation with one of our clinicians to discuss it.

And check out our pdf guide here, for the types of food you should have and those to avoid to discourage the growth of Fibroids.

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