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Essential Hacks for a Healthy Mouth

July 14, 2023

This collaborative post looks at practical habits you must keep for a healthy mouth.

African lady with healthy mouth applying lipstick

Your oral health matters, and you probably already know that.

You brush your teeth twice a day already and use mouthwash after meals, but are you considering the fact that oral health isn’t just about the inside of your mouth – but all of it?

So many people overlook issues, believing that they are minor when really, there are some issues that should be considered a bigger problem. 

You want to keep a healthy mouth to enhance that beautiful smile, and that means looking after dry skin around lips and making sure it goes away.

Your health overall matters and the healthier your mouth is, the happier you will feel.

There are so many different ways that you can ensure that oral diseases are prevented and that your mouth stays healthy.

Are you still confused? Don’t worry. The whole point of this article is to offer you the essential hacks that you need for your mouth to maintain its health.

Work from the Outside In

Dry lips? No, thank you!

If you don’t have to deal with dry and cracked lips, then you shouldn’t and a big way to avoid it is with a good SPF lip balm that you apply throughout the day.

You want to keep your mouth healthy, and that means making sure that the skin around it is hydrated and healthy as much as the skin inside it.

Your dry lips don’t have to stay dry, but it’s definitely going to be about finding the right formula for your mouth to enjoy softness.

Keep the Inside Clean

Teeth brushing is a must, but when was the last time you got a new toothbrush?

When did you last replace your toothpaste or got a cleanse from the hygienist?

Brushing your teeth twice a day is the bare minimum. If you can fit in one more, you should!

up-close of the picture of a black lady with a healthy mouth and glistening nude lips

Keep Flossing

It’s so easy to brush and go, but you need to think about what you eat throughout the day.

Those who love berries need to floss most of all – think of all the seeds that stick between your teeth!

You want to eliminate plaque, and that means keeping up with your flossing every day.

Watch Your Diet

Being mindful of your food isn’t just about your weight: you need to consume a healthy diet each day to ensure that you are consuming all of the necessary nutrients for healthy teeth and gums.

The foods that give you plenty of vitamins A and E will especially ensure that you have gums that are healthy.

Healthy gums support healthy teeth, so remember that whenever you are dreaming of heading to bed and don’t want to brush,

Visiting the dentist is essential for a healthy mouth

Go to the Dentist

Another element that people forget is to book regular dental appointments.

You need to have your teeth cared for, and prevention is much better than trying to reverse a problem after the fact.

Seeing your dentist regularly ensures that your mouth stays in great health – and you can get cleaning that feels good.

Stop Smoking

You should let go of habits like smoking if you want to improve your oral health.

You want to make your gums pink and healthy, and you want to ensure that you avoid wrinkles around your lips.

More than that, smoking contributes to oral cancers, and if you continue to do it, the toxins will eat your gums away.

You don’t need to create a poor environment for plaque to build up, so start reducing your smoking habits now.

Keep Using a Night Guard

Do you grind your teeth at night? Many people do it, especially those with high stress.

If you do this, talk to your dentist about wearing a night guard. Too much grinding, and you’ll be dealing with cracked and sensitive teeth that have begun to wear down to stubs.

You can avoid receding gums and oddly shaped teeth by having a night guard through the night.

Use Scissors

To preface this point, not on your mouth. Instead, you need to use your scissors for your packaging and use bottle openers for bottles.

You don’t need to be snapping out chunks of tooth in an effort to avoid using your hands, so make a point of looking after your teeth by not abusing them to open things up.

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Image Credits: Canva

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