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Contraception In Nigeria – Review of Honey And Banana Connect Call Centre

February 23, 2021

Learn about the Honey and Banana Connect Call Centre.

Did you know getting access to contraception in Nigeria is getting a whole lot easier?

If you live in Lagos, Kano or Enugu and need a reliable form of contraception that you can get quickly, discreetly and at your convenience – what would you do?

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to a new way you could find local contraceptives in Nigeria that provide exactly what you need.

Think about it.

Getting access to local contraceptives in Nigeria could rely on where you live, how much money you have, what method is available etc.

And yes, these are the most common things that determine how men and women could get contraception services in Nigeria.

Image of young black couple hugging for post on local contraceptives in Nigeria

Dangers when Safe Birth Control is not Available

According to the Guttmacher Institute in its 2018/2019 factsheet on Nigeria:

  • Of the 45 million women of reproductive age (15–49) in Nigeria, 15.7 million want to avoid a pregnancy; that is, they are able to become pregnant, are married or are unmarried and sexually active, and do not want a child for at least two years
  • Of the 9.5 million women with an unmet need (for modern contraception), 7.0 million use no contraceptive method.
    • 2.5 million use traditional methods, which typically have low levels of effectiveness
  • Each year in Nigeria, 61,000 women die from complications of birth, abortion or miscarriage.
    • Most of these deaths could be prevented with adequate medical care.

Therefore as a couple, you need to have access to satisfactory health services that answer your questions about contraceptive use in Nigeria and provide you with the help you need at a time and place that is convenient.

Compass with bright green dome and golden needle pointing to the word CHOICE - image for contraception in Nigeria

What Should You Expect When Looking for Birth Control Options?

If you live in an environment with poor health infrastructure, the nature of the health system means you may not expect much from it.

However, here’s what you should learn when you seek advice about your contraceptive use in Nigeria.

  • What’s available – what are the different methods you can get in your clinic or hospitals, or what are the local contraceptives in Nigeria?
  • How do they work – i.e. a simple description of how the method works in your body.
  • How do I get it – is it closeby to where I stay or do I have to travel far to get it?
  • Are there any side effects? Could anything go wrong if you use the method? How safe is it?
  • You want to know: how do I use it, how often, what time of the day or month can I have it?
  • How effective is it? What will it cost me to use this method?

These are some of the questions that you may have about contraceptive pills, implants or injections in Nigeria.

In addition, whether it’s the condom (male or female) or natural ways to prevent pregnancy, you may have loads of questions to ask for one reason or another.

And this is why the Honey and Banana Connect Call Centre can make a huge difference.

Image shoof a Nigerian street - for contraception in Nigeriare

Challenges for Birth Control Use In Nigeria

A key aspect of contraceptive use in Nigeria is how health workers deliver the contraception service to users.

But – it’s also one of the biggest challenges.

This is because potential users of contraceptive methods that require contact with a health professional feel reluctant to seek their help.

Often, this is because of the fear of being judged or experiencing stigma.

In some cultures, women or men seeking contraception use are made to feel uncomfortable, especially if they are young and single.

Therefore, this means that vulnerable groups, in particular, may be denied the use of contraception services.

For instance, other issues include:

  • confusion about contraceptives and how they work
  • Wrong beliefs about how the human body works, e.g. you can’t get pregnant if you only have sex once
  • Relying on wrong or harmful methods to prevent pregnancy – for instance, using Ampiclox as a contraceptive method.

Moreover, being able to afford or find the method at a time and place that’s convenient for you is also a key requirement for satisfactory contraception.

Honey & Banana Connect Call Centre

So roll in the Honey & Banana Connect Call Centre, a new Contraceptive Hub.

 Developed by DKT Nigeria, the call centre provides access to supportive, affordable and quality family planning services.


  • Access to live agents who provide a quick response to all your questions. 
  • At Honey & Banana Connect, callers get absolute confidentiality and privacy and never have to worry about their information getting out.
  • Stigma-free: Each agent is readily available to address your contraceptive and reproductive health-related questions without judging you based on your age or marital status
  • Agents can take your calls in any of the 5 major Nigerian languages: English, Pidgin, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo.
  • With a short and easy-to-remember code – 55059, you can reach Honey & Banana Connect via all networks for free, excluding GLO.

What kind of help can you get at Honey & Banana Connect

  • After the connection, your agent will discuss your enquiry in a friendly and non-judgemental fashion. 
  • Next, the agent provides you with detailed information on all available contraceptive methods helping you choose the one that suits you.
  • After this (if you wish), you will get a referral to a trained healthcare professional at the nearest clinic for the desired family planning or contraceptive method. 
  • The agent can book an appointment for you at your clinic of choice through call or text messaging.
  • They can also advise you about the clinic and the doctor or nurse providing your desired contraceptive.
  • These referral clinics are certified by DKT and selected from a list of DKT Partners across the country.
  • These partner clinics have also been trained to provide youth-friendly services because it’s important for young people to access safe and reliable care without the fear of judgement. 

Searching For Local Birth Control in Nigeria?

Certainly, here’s a place to start. Honey and Banana Connect promise to deal with your contraception concerns efficiently.

Why not try them out today? Give the Honey & Banana Connect Call Centre a call – you deserve to have access to quality contraception in Nigerian when care when you need it.

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