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What AS Genotype Couples Need To Know Before Having Children

September 16, 2019


Sickle Cell Disease is a serious medical condition that occurs when an individual inherits 2 sickle ‘S’ genes from each parent.

A person with SS genotype suffers from significant ill health from childhood. If the condition does not receive proper attention, it can lead to very severe health complications. Poor quality of life and death are also potential outcomes.

This is sometimes the outcome in countries with poor resources (low and medium-income countries) like Nigeria.

Nigeria has the greatest Sickle Cell Disease burden in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A 2012 study in Benin, Nigeria, indicated the prevalence of Sickle Cell Disease to be between 2 – 3%.

According to recent population estimates, up to 5-6 million people are living with Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria.

A couple who both have the AS genotype may have children together. However, they need to be aware of the implications of doing so.

In any one of their pregnancies, there is a 25% chance the child will inherit both S genes and have the SS genotype.

The Challenge

Perhaps you have the AS genotype and have wondered whether you could have a sexual relationship or marriage leading to children with a partner who also has the AS genotype.

Possibly, you are already in this type of relationship and have heard a lot about people with SCD but are feeling conflicted and unsure of what to do.

Or perhaps you just need a clear outline of facts, implications, challenges and options when people who have the AS genotype decide to have children together.

Well, then, this short video is for you.


Watch to learn some of the points we think would help AS genotype couples make the decision.

Share in the comments if there are any other areas AS genotype couples will deal with in this delicate but significant question.

Learn more about research on Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria – here.

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