Older african man dressed in a light blue shirt and traditional cap. They are more at risk of urine infections.
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Urine Infections (II) – Common Reasons Men Get Them

This time, we focus on Urine Infections in Men and WHY they commonly get them.

Picture of an older man of African backgound with a traditional cap and blue shirt.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in men are less frequent than in women.

As a man, you should know the main reason for this is that the male urinary tract is different from the female’s; and so and less susceptible to germs causing infection.

In men, the urethra is located inside the penis and extends from the tip of the penis, along its length and into the bladder.

The urethra in men is significant for the following reasons:

  1. It is much longer than the woman’s urethra.
  2. It has a dual function – it is also the route through which semen travels and is ejaculated during sexual activity or excitement.
  3. Reason #2 is why men with sexually transmitted infections like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia may have similar symptoms as a UTI – especially burning pain when passing urine because the urethra is inflamed.

Learn more about the way men’s urinary tracts work here.

In men, a UTI can happen if there is a problem with the urinary tract.

It is also more common in elderly men and babies than individuals in between.

Showing a graphic of the Urinary tract in humans

Learning Point – What your Kidneys do.

Conditions that place older men at risk of UTIs

Prostate problems are among some of the conditions creating urinary tract structure changes that may make it easier for infections to happen.

An enlarged prostate can press on the urethra as it passes through it and lead to problems with urination and emptying the bladder.

With less mobility as men grow older, problems like constipation can set in which could affect normal urination.

In addition, increased health problems like Diabetes or conditions which suppress the immune system may possibly lead to more infections.

Babies and Urine infections

During infancy, boys are more likely to develop urinary tract infections.

This changes to girls being at higher risk as they grow into school age.

Learn more about how urine infections develop in children – here.

If you had a Lower UTI, what symptoms could you have?

  • Pain in the penis when passing urine
  • Blood in Urine – darker coloured urine or bright red urine.
  • Pain in the pelvis or back.
  • An urge to pass urine.
  • Going to pass urine more often than usual.
  • Smelly or offensive urine.
  • Passing reduced amounts of urine.
  • Feeling unwell – fever, headache, tiredness.


Any or some of these symptoms should prompt a visit to your Dr to discuss and advise on your treatment.

Read more here about how urine infections are diagnosed and treated.

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