What is Menopause
21/12/2019 By AskAwayHealth

An Age Thing? …What Menopause Means to You


What does Menopause mean to you?

As a woman, learning what menopause is, its symptoms and possible effects can make it easier to deal with when the time comes.

It’s a time of change that can also be associated with general wellbeing when properly managed.

For many women, it begins in their middle to late 40s, becoming fully established in most after age 50years – but this can vary.

If not, a woman may feel frustrated as well as physically and mentally unwell.

This could certainly impact her relationship with family and her work.

Men should also learn about menopause and help women remove some of the traditional misconceptions associated with it.

What Menopause is Like

In the following video, we put together a few Menopause facts that people new to the condition can use to start to learn and discuss how menopause can affect them.

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