5 facts about your natural Immune System

Now, more than any other time, it’s important to LEARN about the ‘natural’ immune system.

On the back of Covid-19, the infection with corona virus, everyone’s talking about the immune system.

What exactly is it and which part of your body make up your natural immune system?

And why is it so important?

To help clear this up, here are 5 facts about your immune system.

About the Immune System

  1. When your immune system is working ok – you don’t notice it. But an abnormal immune system puts you at risk of infections and other health problems.
  2. Boosting your natural immune system doesn’t usually happen overnight.
  3. A good immune system needs more than healthy food alone.
  4. Things that impair the immune system –
    ◾Lack of sleep
    ◾Being overweight
    ◾Prolonged Stress
    ◾Excess Sugar consumption
    ◾Pollution in the environment

All these elements can contribute to disabling the natural immune system from working as it should.

  1. Your immune system is not one organ in the body but a complex system of special organs, cells and chemicals.
    They include:
    White blood cells,
    The complement system,
    Lymphatic system – The lymphatic system made up of the thymus, spleen and lymph nodes; and the bone marrow.

Elements of the Immune system

Looking at these elements in a little detail:

White blood cells make up a part of your bloodstream and they fight disease-causing germs.

Antibodies are produced by the body to help fight germs or toxic substances.

The complement system is made of proteins which help the antibodies fight disease-causing germs and elements/toxic substances etc.

The spleen and thymus are organs that make special cells that fight infection.

The spleen is usually located in the upper part of the left side of the abdomen, and also a critical part of the immune system.

In the spleen, antibodies and infection-fighting cells are formed, while old or dead red blood cells are removed from the blood circulation.

The thymus is a little known organ that makes up part of the immune system.

It is located within the chest, behind the breast bone and present from birth.

As we grow older, the thymus shrinks but before it does, it has already contributed immensely to developing T cells (also known as T-lymphocytes or Thymus cells), which are types of white blood cells instrumental to the immune system.

The lymphatic system deals with the lymph glands, the tubes that connect them, fluid that removes diseased or toxic cells and white cells.

In addition to lymph nodes/glands, the thymus and spleen also make up the lymphatic system.

And the bone marrow is the spongy bit of tissue inside the bones where the blood cells are produced – making them a major element of the immune system.

If you can imagine anything that disrupts these elements, that will affect the immune system.

Other parts of the body also play a part in the body’s defence network including your skin, lungs and digestive tract.

Did you want to learn more how to boost your immune system?

Ask here.


Immune System Explained

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