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Terms & Conditions

By proceeding to book one of our concierge services, you consent:

1. To have a short-term relationship with Dr Sylvia or other staff/clinicians employed by AAH. This relationship is specific to the service provided; our clinicians are not your regular provider or health practitioner.

2. That any sensitive or personal information provided by you during sessions is factual and provided solely to provide guidance in specific scenarios. We guarantee to hold your information confidential and not to be shared with 3rd parties without your consent.

3. If you wish to cancel a session after payment, you may send an email to refunds are available if you do not attend a booked session or if you cancel anytime within 48 hours of an agreed appointment.

4. Payment for a service as detailed in the description of Digital Concierge services. Please note that Askawayhealth is a product of Alevyn Ltd, and your payment for this service will reflect “AlevynLtd” on your bank statements.

5. By using this concierge service, you confirm you are over 18 years old. Please refer to our privacy policy for how we use your information.

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Service: Erectile Dysfunction & Ejaculation Problems

Total cost: £99.99

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