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Black medical doctor in a white coat and red stethoscope examining a patient on a ward. Our doctors on askawayhealth have years of clinical experience to provide top notch care.

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Our Team


By listening to you and simplifying information regarding your health and the health of the population, free of complicated jargon, we communicate health information in bite sizes through our health care platform, blogs, vlogs, infograms and other resources.

Our goal is to bring clarity to douse the stress and anxiety associated with ill-health as we navigate through the health care system, and to empower our audience with the right dose of accurate health knowledge that they require to inform and guide their health-seeking behaviour, to take responsible ownership to protect their health and to improve their health outcomes.

In sum, askawayhealth is a dedicated health care information and communication technology solution that provides Clarity, Knowledge, Empowerment, and General Guidance, to our diverse audience.


Hello there. I am Dr. Sylvia Kama-Kieghe, the founder of AskAwayHealth.

Having spent over 2 decades working on the frontlines in Nigeria and the UK, in family, community, and primary care as a General Practitioner (GP), I have first-hand experience and understand the challenges that individuals, families and communities face. Health care providers are under increased pressure and services are stretched in many health care systems. The problems are multi-factorial, multi-layered, and multi-level, requiring health in every policy to positively transform the determinants of health.

Drawing from practical experiences and listening to the health care needs of the audience we serve, our team of health and technology practitioners, leverage askawayhealth to bridge the health information and communication gap. Our mission is to strengthen the health-seeking behaviour of individuals, households, and communities, in more and less developed countries.

As part of my qualifications, certifications, licences, affiliations, work, and recognitions, please find below a summary of my profile:

In recognition of my contribution to health care and my work within the National Health Service (NHS), England, I received an award for “outstanding contributions” to healthcare, in celebration of the NHS at 70, from the Nigerian Healthcare Professionals UK (NHCPUK) in 2019.




Creating a culture and chain of giving back

I firmly believe that our world can be a much better place when each of us share with others the best versions of ourselves.

This is what I am trying to do with askawayhealth, in the expectation that my little contribution would positively impact individuals, families and communities.

I hope that you can benefit by signing up to askawayhealth!

If you have found askawayhealth and my thoughts and experience on health issues useful and of value to you, please share with someone else. You never know who else might benefit.

What gets me up in the morning? I ask myself: “What can I do to be the best version of me today”?

Health Questions Archive

Read some of Dr Sylvia’s health responses published on Quora (feel free to follow her there) and other platforms on Twitter and LinkedIn


What are Health Products?

How can you go about developing a health application when you do not have an idea or skill in IT or technology as a whole but you are skilled in your health field?


What are the negative effects of Ibuprofen?

Is it safe to take 200 mg ibuprofen daily?

Is meloxicam the same thing as ibuprofen?


How to be totally healthy?

What are the benefits of not eating sugar?

Can you survive a day on the keto diet?

Is the Keto Diet safe? I’ve heard of people getting sick or having kidney stones due to the diet. Is this true?

What are the best ways of cultivating a healthy gut biome?

How do people improve public health?

Medical Conditions

Why is my blood pressure 150 over 105 but I feel ok?

What are the values for a serum Cortisol and ACTH in Cancer patients?


How GPs can tackle vaccine hesitancy in BAME communities – GP Magazine, February 2021

Efforts continue to overcome vaccine worries among BAME communities – East London Lines, March 2021

One in four elderly black people in the UK still not vaccinated – The Guardian UK, June 2021.

Askawayhealth 2023 grant recipient from European Union Development Fund

Askawayhealth, 2023 Award Recipient

Our educational content meets the standards set by the NHS in their Standard for Creating Health Content guidance.

Askawayhealth aims to deliver reliable and evidence based women's health, family health and sexual health information in a way that is easily relatable and easy for everyone to access.

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Utilize our complimentary symptom checker tool to gain more information about any uncertain symptoms you might have.