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AskAwayHealth Privacy Policy image showing dictionary definition of Policy


AskAwayHealth is a healthcare information resource.

We ensure that your privacy is protected while using our website.

The data that we collect from you is only that required to update you with regular healthcare information and advice that you require from us.

This includes data that you provide when you register; subscribe for our blogs and newsletters, or send us a health enquiry using our form.

Sometimes we may conduct research.

We may invite you to participate and will require your consent or offer you the chance to opt-out.

How We Use Your Information

We store small amounts of information from the cookies on our website.

This enables us to improve the functions of our website so that our users would have better experience.

The data that we collect is only used by us.

We shall only share your data with a named third-party after we have received your permission.

Our data activity follows General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To understand how site visitors use our website, we use Google Analytics.

The data collected by Google Analytics is anonymous.

See Google’s privacy policy via this link:

And lastly…

If you have any other queries about data, please contact us at

Please note that we reserve the right to modify and update our privacy policy.

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