Image of coronavirus shows Covid-19 experience
03/07/2020 By AskAwayHealth

My Covid-19 Experience and Narrative

Everyone has a unique Covid-19 experience.

Image of a circular pink cell with threads spredaing out from it for Covid-19 experience

Yes, people have different symptoms and some have them much more severe than others.

And there are those who do not even have any symptoms.

Whichever category, we all have a story – whether it’s how we were affected or how a close relative or friend went through a period of illness with Covid-19.

Different symptoms mean a different Covid-19 experience…..

But the experience of each individual can also share some common aspects:

  • Degree of illness and extent of care received
  • Worry and panic about spreading the disease
  • Concern about the stigma of Covid-19
  • Worry and Panic about preventing the disease
  • What about the impact? what happens afterwards?

(Wondering about the symptoms of Covid-19?)

A Doctor shares her own experience…

In this video, Dr Helen Ogunsanwo shares her own Covid-19 story and how she found strength during a difficult time.

How she struggled back to full health.

Dr Helen Ogunsanwo

How she agonised over whether to tell her family who would be devastated at the news.

And how she overcame fear for an unknown condition to give us an inspiring account of her experience.

Watch her video here:

It’s a Personal Story….

What about you?

Have you a Covid-19 experience you’d like to share?

Worried about your symptoms? Check them with our Coronavirus screening tool.

How could you treat Mild Coronavirus symptoms at HOME?

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