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AskAwayHealth’s Top 10 Tips for a Healthy SEX life.

August 11, 2020

Updated May 2023

Is a healthy sex life now a thing of the past? We often talk about the problems arising from poor sexual health.

Ladies hands digging into a man's back during healthy sex activity

These may be from sexual infections, unplanned pregnancies, sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation or loss of libido.

How strange that an act designed to provide fulfilment and enjoyment could lead to challenges like these instead.

Could you take steps today to increase your chance of enjoying a healthy sex life?

We think so.

Your Sex Life – Your Mindset and Choices

We know you may think we might want to talk about sexual performance aids, but while they do have a role in sex for some people, using them doesn’t really mean your sex life is healthy.

Many of the steps we look at here come from your mindset, attitude and preparation for how sex factors into your lifestyle – and your body.

So here are the top 10 steps you should be taking to ensure you have a long, satisfactory sexual health experience:

Photo of an african couple looking angry with each other - ten tips for a healthy sex life

Your Mindset and Sex

  • 1. Don’t rush in:
    • Growing up, we might have felt pressured to have sex leading to hasty, rough and anxious moments trying to hide from getting caught.
    • Apart from being an unpleasant activity at the time, studies suggest that first sexual encounters like these could lead to vaginismus in ladies or Premature Ejaculation in men.
    • Having sex at a time when both parties are relaxed and willing partners heightens their pleasure and promotes subsequent sexual health and enjoyment.
  • 2. Don’t make assumptions:
    • It is good to be sexually aware at the right age.
    • What is that age, though?
    • Research does show that exposing children to sexual intercourse before they are ready can lead to future problems with their sex lives.
    • It’s important to reach a balance between necessary information to guide and educate and excessive details that puts pressure on the individual.
    • Being strict and ‘hiding’ information about sexual activity has been found to increase curiosity from young people, who may then go to explore things in an unsafe space that may render them vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Speak Up, Speak Out

  • 3. Communicate your desires to your sexual partner:
    • Assumptions also work in other ways.
    • Communication and sex do go hand in hand – learning about your partner’s desire helps you satisfy them.
    • Likewise, people who share where and how they like to be touched or pleasured reach greater satisfaction than those who do not. Try it and see!
  • 4. Safe sexual practices prevent infections and other sexual health problems.
    • This includes having a single partner rather than multiple sex partners.
    • Apart from concern over infectious risks, multiple sex partners could lead to toxic relationships that could impair your mental health.
    • Using barrier devices to avoid infections and contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy is also important.
    • There are male and female condoms in various sizes and textures, which encourage people to see these devices as a benefit since they are the single most effective tool we have at preventing the spread of sexual infections – after abstinence.
Black couple exercising together can have a healthy sex life
  • 5. Cultivate non-sexual relationships too.
    • This will promote your mental health, sense of identity and well-being and enrich your sexual experience.
    • Being friends with your lover heightens the feelings you share and the depth of pleasure you both experience in your sexual encounters.
Healthy sex life - graphic showing sex spelled by chiili peppers

Your Body and Sex

  • 6. Get adequate rest and avoid stress.
    • Problems like vaginismus, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction have been associated with different types of stressful conditions.
    • Overworking and poor sleep can affect sexual desire and libido.
    • Considering the benefits you can derive from a healthy sex life, you are better off ensuring you create time for socialising with your partner and sexual activity.
  • 7. Eat well, Drink well.
    • Plenty of water.✅
    • Moderate alcohol and fizzy drinks.✅
    • A moderate diet of any type✅
    • A good diet improves your overall health and contributes to your sexual performance
Black couple sharing things together like cooking can have a healthy sex life
  • 8. Keep active – any form of physical activity improves your sexual drive and promotes wellness.
    • You also feel and look good; in both men and women, perception of your own attractiveness reduces poor self-esteem and anxiety that may be associated with sexual performance.

Ask For Medical Advice

  • 9. Seek medical advice quickly if you notice any problems with your sexual health – mentally or physically.
    • You may experience a loss of libido from stressful life events and not realise the source of the problem.
    • Rather you go searching for many cures without getting the right diagnosis or treatment.
    • This applies to infections or problems like Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction that are naturally embarrassing to discuss.
    • A lot of times, early treatment brings resolution to the problem, while delay allows complications to set in and makes treatment harder.
  • 10. Keep good hygiene: this is a gem, our last but crucial tip.
    • Poor personal hygiene could lead to thrush, pubic lice, and scabies (for example).
    • The genital areas, in particular, form a moist, warm space for germs to develop alongside offensive body odours or appearances that can be off-putting to current or potential partners.
    • Regularly and frequently wash the private areas and bottom/anus at least once daily AND each time after using the toilets.
    • Wash underarms thoroughly.
    • Clean the mouth and teeth often and regularly.
    • Wear fresh, clean underwear daily.
    • Avoid wearing damp underclothes, which can encourage fungal infections.
    • You get what we mean.
    • Keeping yourself clean and fresh increases your sex appeal – always a good sign for a healthy sex life.


Which of these tips do you need to pay more attention to?

Remember that a healthy sex life for you will not simply happen or fall out of the sky.

Start now to make changes that will give you the best chance for what you desire. And Be Safe.

If you have more tips in this area, please share them below.

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