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A broad selection of Women’s Health topics, from cancer prevention and gynaecological conditions including Menopause – these are covered in the blogs for this section.

Nine Features and Signs of Endometriosis EVERY Woman Should Be Aware Of

Endometriosis pain and other signs of Endometriosis are important aspects to explore in understanding the chronic health condition, Endometriosis. Learn more about this condition in our feature post below. Watch Video instead What Is Endometriosis Endometriosis is a chronic or lifelong disease where tissue that looks […]


How Detox Tea Affects Your Birth Control Pill

Could your Slimming or Detox tea be cancelling out your birth control pill? Let’s explore this question – but first, thanks to one of my readers who sent in this question. Birth Control Pills and How They Work Oral birth control pills either contain Oestrogen […]


Bleeding After Sex During Menopause – WHAT To Know

What do you do if you start bleeding after sex during menopause? How does the postcoital bleeding journey proceed after menopause? Today let’s talk about the causes and some investigations or tests you should have when you start bleeding after sex once you hit menopause. […]