Vulval Itching Causes

Some health tips – vulval itching can happen for several reasons.

Finding the specific cause in each case always leads to the right treatment.

Vulval itching can happen with a vaginal discharge – or it may not.

First, let’s do some descriptions:

vulval itching causes - drawing showing the parts of the vulva
  • Your vulva is the area of the body right at the apex of the thighs in women
  • The vulva is the space that contains the opening to the vagina and urethra (which leads to the bladder)
  • Fleshy tissue we call labia surrounds the vulva
  • In most women, the vulva lies at the bottom of the collection of hair known as pubic hair.

From the location of the vulva, it is a warm, moist part of the body mostly covered by your clothes.

It is also close to the opening to the anus, which could affect the issues around cleanliness.

Personal hygiene and sexually transmitted infections are important reasons, but as you will find in the graphic below, there are other causes.

Vulval itching causes infogram

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