Causes of Vaginal Discharge

When a woman experiences a vaginal discharge, it is important to identify the cause promptly.

In every woman, the vagina normally produces a small amount of fluid, which is usually slight in quantity and relatively odour-free. The fluid cleans the vagina and protects it from infection.

In the following conditions, a woman’s normal discharge may appear different:

  • during sex,
  • pregnancy
  • if she is on contraception (like the pill),
  • in between the periods.

A toilet infection is an important term many women use to describe abnormal vaginal discharge.

Often it is NOT because of an infection from the toilet, but more of that in this article.

The graphic below shows how a woman’s vaginal discharge changes depending on her age.

Sexually transmitted Infections are also a common cause of the abnormal vaginal discharge.

Causes of Vaginal Discharge

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