Bright yellow leaf in a palette of dark brown - how fungal infections can arise from several causes.

What Makes Fungal Infections Happen – Risky Conditions

Bright yellow leaf in a palette of dark brown - how fungal infections can arise from several causes.

Fungal infections can happen to nearly anyone when the environment is just right.

In some other cases, it’s the individual internal habitat that may affect the way a fungus develops and eventually causes ill-health.

Conditions that increase the risk of getting a fungal infection.

  • Fungi grow very well in warm and humid body areas so sweaty, underarms, under breasts or groin and anal areas are prone to fungal overgrowth.
  • In addition, places where a lot of people gather and which are warm and damp can harbour fungal spores.
    • Examples – gym locker rooms, communal showers – are places where walking barefoot can lead to developing a fungal infection.
  • Chronic ill-health which leads to a weakened immune system can allow fungi to cause infection – stress, malnutrition, liver or kidney disease are a few examples.
  • Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that is associated with an increased risk of fungal infections – especially when they occur recurrently.
  • During Menopause, hormone changes cause a woman’s vagina to be less acidic and increase the risk of developing yeast infections.
  • Injury to the nail or skin exposes the underlying tissues to fungal infection regardless of how small the injury may be.
  • Certain medications can sometimes be associated with increased fungal infections. It may be because they weaken the immune system – like cancer drugs.
  • Using corticosteroids for a long period (in treating Crohn’s disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis for example) can also lead to having fungal infections more often.
    • Asthmatics who use inhaled corticosteroids to control the condition are at an increased risk of oral thrush.
    • It is recommended (to prevent getting thrush) to rinse out the mouth with water or brush children’s teeth as soon as possible after using the steroid inhaler.
  • Antibiotics can lead to the death of good bacteria at the same time they are getting rid of the bad bacteria, leaving a free playing field for fungi to overgrow.
    • Some patients may complain of thrush after completing a course of antibiotics.

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