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What AS genotype couples need to know before having children together.


Sickle Cell Disease is a serious medical condition that occurs when an individual inherits 2 sickle 'S' genes from each parent.

It is associated with significant ill health from childhood and if not properly managed can lead to very severe health complications, poor quality of life or death.

This is sometimes the outcome in countries with poor resources especially health care capacity as found in low and medium-income countries like Nigeria.

Nigeria has the greatest Sickle Cell Disease burden in Sub Saharan Africa.

A 2012 study in Benin, Nigeria indicated the prevalence of Sickle Cell Disease to be between 2 - 3%.

Applying this to the most recent population estimates, it suggests that at any one time, up to 5-6 million people are living with Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria.

A couple who both have the AS genotype may have children together - but need to be aware of the implications of this.

In any one of their pregnancies, there is a 25% chance the child will inherit both S genes, and have the sickle type SS gene.

The Conundrum

Perhaps you have the AS genotype and have wondered whether you could have a sexual relationship or marriage leading to children with a partner who also has the AS genotype.

Possibly, you are already in this type of relationship and have heard a lot about people with SCD but are feeling conflicted and unsure of what to do.

Or perhaps you just need a clear outline of facts, implications, challenges and options when people who have the AS genotype decide to have children together.

Well then, this short video is for you.

Watch to learn some of the points we think would help AS couples make the decision.

Share in the comments if there are any other areas you think must be considered in this delicate but significant question.

Learn more about research on Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria - here.

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4 thoughts on "What AS genotype couples need to know before having children together."

  1. Ibrahim hauwa says:

    I get married immiedetely when I finish my secondary School education. My husband took me to college of health, I finish my HND program . when I was in HND. We carry a course call control of non communicable disease . We want together and roll a test we finely find out that we are caring themsame genotype Wich is As and As genotype with themsame blood group o+ and we want to start having a child please can someone help me we out. Thanks

    1. administrator says:

      Hauwa, thanks for reaching out.

      Perhaps you can be more specific about the type of help you need. On the site, there is a lot of information about the issues around AS genotype couples.

      Every pregnancy carries a 25% risk of the child having the SS genotype, please realise this. This can happen in the first or last pregnancy, or some may not have the SS gene.
      Hence you need to discuss this very strong risk with your husband and seek genetic counselling before you start having children.
      Here are the articles suggested:
      Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in Sickle Cell Disease.
      What AS genotype couples need to know before having children together.
      AS Genotype – 7 point Checklist

      Thank you.

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