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Malaria Conundrum!

 First, when you live in a Malaria endemic area like Nigeria, chances are that most people without symptoms who have their blood tested will show evidence of malaria parasite within the blood.

A pile of different coloured pills and tablets - denoting antibiotic resistance when the medicines are abused and used incorrectly.

Why Antibiotic Resistance Matters To You

Antibiotic resistance is what happens when bacteria become immune to the effects of an antibiotic to which they were once susceptible. This means that the antibiotic is no longer able to destroy a ge

Woman lying on the floor resting her folded hands on a drawing of the heart in red.

20 Facts About Heart Disease in Women

In this post, writer Dr Temitope Olayinka explores awareness around heart disease in women - in and out of the hospital. There is evidence to indicate that heart disease is spoken about more frequentl

Photo showing several lamps of Middle Eastern design

Can Muslim Diabetics Remain Well at Ramadan? – Part 1

In addition, the state of Diabetes control at the time is crucial. If control is not very good, and an individual is prone to erratic blood sugar changes at all times of the day, they could become ser

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