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Our wellbeing section covers health tips, lifestyle advice, guides on how to maintain good physical and mental health for all ages.

Four Ways to Overcome Your Feelings of Anxiety

While it’s true that everyone gets anxious to some degree or another, many people have developed a method of overcoming their feelings of anxiety so it doesn’t adversely affect them or their activities. In this article, we address people with a mild degree of anxiety […]


Health and the Economy Intrinsically linked?

How does the economy really work? Or, asked differently, how should  the economy work for us? A simple way to think about the economy is – ‘people buy goods and services and people produce and sell goods and services’. People often need money and other […]


Your Skin – Why You Should Never Take It for Granted – Part II

Background In the first part of this article, we looked at achieving great skincare by studying certain creams that could cause serious and harmful changes. In the second part of the article, we continue with more analysis of the effects of these agents on the […]


Fake Health Centres – Medical Treatments or Traps?!

Have you used a fake health centre for medical treatment before? What happened? How did you feel? When did you realise they were less than what they claimed? Whatever your feelings about an average Nigerian, you are hardly likely to question their industriousness or enterprise; […]


Headaches in Women and their Hormones

Headaches in Women are incredibly common just as in men – but certain factors make certain types peculiar to women. In this article, let’s look at why you may be more at risk of headaches and really – can you blame your hormones for the […]