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Fake Health Centres – Medical Treatments or Traps?!

Have you used a fake health centre for medical treatment before? What happened? How did you feel? When did you realise they were less than what they claimed? Whatever your feelings about an average Nigerian, you are hardly likely to question their industriousness or enterprise; […]


Headaches in Women and their Hormones

Headaches in Women are incredibly common just as in men – but certain factors make certain types peculiar to women. In this article, let’s look at why you may be more at risk of headaches and really – can you blame your hormones for the […]


Should People with AS Genotype Marry?

Making a decision about a relationship and having children for a couple with AS genotype is important considering there is 25% risk of having a child with Sickle Cell disease in every pregnancy. What are the implications and complications? Find out in this article.


4 tips to manage high Blood Pressure

The importance of dealing with Hypertension cannot be overemphasised. Generally, we can’t ‘feel’  elevated blood pressure (hypertension) – though some people do have headaches or feel ‘somehow different’ when their blood pressure is elevated. Many times, the diagnosis is incidental – that is, we were […]