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Can Muslim Diabetics Remain Well at Ramadan? – Part 1

In addition, the state of Diabetes control at the time is crucial. If control is not very good, and an individual is prone to erratic blood sugar changes at all times of the day, they could become ser

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Helping Muslim Diabetics Remain Well at Ramadan – Part 2

Blood sugar monitoring is important - even during the daytime fast. Checking blood sugar levels frequently - and more often than usual will help. This is important because blood sugar levels will var

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How Safe are our Soft Drinks?

.........Then, the Lagos High Court ruled that: 'high levels of benzoic acid and additives in Coca-Cola’s soft drinks could pose a health risk to consumers when mixed with ascorbic acid, commonly kn

High Protein Diets

High Protein Diets – What you should know

High Protein Diets: Our lead clinician Dr Sylvia is an experienced GP and family health practitioner and speaks on these topics to help clear up any misconceptions on how these diets can be safely us

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