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Photo of a couple's feet while they are having sex

Can Too Little Sex Make you Sick?

True, no one has ever been rushed into the emergency room for having ‘no sex for two months’, but some studies suggest that too little sex or going without it...

African lady looking upwards a toilet - thinking "Toilet Infections"

Preventing Ladies’ “Toilet Infections”.

Usually, you would describe a problem from your private parts that you believe you have got or contracted from using a dirty toilet – especially a public toilet. In actual fact, the symptoms you cal

Reasons for C-section birth; dotors pulling a baby out following surgery

What are the reasons for a C-Section?

C-section or caesarean delivery is an alternative method for vaginal delivery of a baby. In a C-section or CS, doctors make a surgical cut into both the walls of the woman's abdomen and then the uter

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