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Wellness is a concept or way of life –  meaning activity we undertake to keep healthy – physically and mentally.


Malnutrition – Healthy Food options for Weaning

Malnutrition usually occurs due to an imbalance in the quality or quantity of nutrient intake, absorption or utilization. About 45% of deaths in children below the age of 5 is due to malnutrition from insufficient protein, energy, and micro nutrients.


Painful Periods – a Simple Breakdown by AskAwayHealth

About Painful Periods ‘Painful periods’ – a condition known as Dysmenorrhoea – actually does exist. What is it about the menstrual process that could make it painful in some women and less so in others? We must recognise that for women who experience periods, the […]


Nigerian Health Insurance? Learn a few things here…

So we should do everything that we can to keep in health. This includes planning for when we fall ill. As our healthcare need may happen when we least expect, paying for healthcare out-of-pocket result in financial catastrophe for individuals and families.

The best way to prevent financial catastrophe from accessing health for yourself and your family is through third-party payer subscription. Health Insurance is one of such third-party payers.


Health and the Economy Intrinsically linked?

How does the economy really work? Or, asked differently, how should  the economy work for us? A simple way to think about the economy is – ‘people buy goods and services and people produce and sell goods and services’. People often need money and other […]