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Painful Periods – a Simple Breakdown by AskAwayHealth

About Painful Periods ‘Painful periods’ – a condition known as Dysmenorrhoea – actually does exist. What is it about the menstrual process that could make it painful in some wo

Health Insurance - Bridging the gap between the customer and health care

Nigerian Health Insurance? Learn a few things here…

So we should do everything that we can to keep in health. This includes planning for when we fall ill. As our healthcare need may happen when we least expect, paying for healthcare out-of-pocket resul

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Health and the Economy Intrinsically linked?

How does the economy really work? Or, asked differently, how should  the economy work for us? A simple way to think about the economy is – ‘people buy goods and services and people produc

Depression is treatable

Coming To Terms With Depression

In this article, we explore the acceptability of Depression as a medical condition that can be treated. Why? Because this  (acceptability) is a challenge in some countries -like Nigeria – due t

Lady with hands folded in front of her face

Headaches in Women and their Hormones

Headaches in Women are incredibly common just as in men – but certain factors make certain types peculiar to women. In this article, let’s look at why you may be more at risk of headaches

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Masturbation – Harms and Benefits

Talking about masturbation is not a popular conversation topic even in most sexual health clinics. But – it’s an important area to cover as many theories or opinions abound which may not b

Sickle Cell Crises - quiet bluye skies above a group of rocks

Managing Sickle Cell Crises

By Dr John Afam-Osemene People with Sickle Cell Disease have many health problems — some of the commonest are the ‘Sickle Cell Crises’. The term describes different changes in the body causi

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