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Wellness is a concept or way of life –  meaning activity we undertake to keep healthy – physically and mentally.


What To Do Before You Start Your Workout

Before you start your workout, there are a few things that men should do to ensure their safety and maximize the effectiveness of their routine. From warm-ups to setting realistic goals and beyond, there are some simple steps that can help you get more out […]


8 Fun Cardio Exercises You Could Do With Your Friends And Family

`Cardio exercises are fun to get the whole family (and friends) together and build relationships. This week’s guest post can help your new year goals for becoming healthier while enjoying time spent with loved ones. Physical inactivity is the fourth most significant risk factor for […]


Revealing Common Causes of Indigestion & How to Prevent It

Indigestion can have several causes, from overindulging in food and drink to eating too quickly. Generally, indigestion is a temporary condition that can be easily treated by changes to your diet and lifestyle. This article explores some of the common causes of indigestion and ways […]


5 Surprisingly Common Habits That Can Damage Your Liver Explained

Your overall health relies considerably on the choices you make every day – this week’s guest post explores some lifestyle habits that damage your liver. The liver, the largest gland in the human body, is largely responsible for energy generation, filtering, and disposal of waste […]