Tag: Skin Disease

Skin disease is any problem that affects the skin.

In addition to infection, there are other problems that could affect the skin.

They could be conditions like allergy or cancer.

Diseases that affect other organs could also affect the skin for example kidney disease, sexual infections like HIV or Herpes.


Preventing Ladies’ “Toilet Infections”.

Usually, you would describe a problem from your private parts that you believe you have got or contracted from using a dirty toilet – especially a public toilet. In actual fact, the symptoms you call “toilet infections” are caused by several different things and NOT the toilet!


Your Skin – Why You Should Never Take It for Granted – Part II

Background In the first part of this article, we looked at achieving great skincare by studying certain creams that could cause serious and harmful changes. In the second part of the article, we continue with more analysis of the effects of these agents on the […]