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Masturbation – Harms and Benefits

Talking about masturbation is not a popular conversation topic even in most sexual health clinics. But – it’s an important area to cover as many theories or opinions abound which may not be strictly correct. What is Masturbation? Here’s a great definition of Masturbation from […]


Sexual Assault in the Consulting room

From The Beginning… A visit to her doctor for what she thought was a standard consultation led to her sexual assault. The condition for which she sought treatment was an ‘ulcer’ and the treatment given by the doctor was a ‘stomach massage’. At the procedure, […]


Valentine’s Bloody Semen Consultation.

Valentine is a 25-year-old nice looking bloke who came to the clinic at 4 am because of pain in the testes. It started nearly a week ago but that night at work it had become excruciating. Having taken some paracetamol with aspirin, the pain had […]