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Ordinary people - Rape Crisis in Nigeria affects us all

Rape Crisis in Nigeria 2020 – Stop It Right Now.

Rape is facilitated by structural and systemic issues that shape our cultural environment. They are unfair and disproportionately skew power relations in our society. If we all take action now, we can

young african man whose face is covered by a face cap; wearing a blue jumper

Can Frequent Sex Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk?

Yes, research with a reasonable amount of reliability from the US and Australia suggests that young men who ejaculate frequently - from all manner of sexual activity including intercourse and mastur

Dripping semen after sex – pregnancy worry.

In the semen, there are millions of tiny moving sperm. The single job of the sperm is to swim into the woman's womb to find an egg to fertilise and this is happening all the while during and after se

Women of African background are entitled to live free of society's prejudice

Horrors of Female Genital Mutilation

What is Female Genital Mutilation and what are its short and long term effects?

Fertility is about Couples

​​Tips on Improving Your Fertility

What are the most important tips for improving your fertility? In the blog today, we explore key issues around Fertility using the graphic below. How Fertility should be addressed Fertility...

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