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Rape Crisis in Nigeria 2020 – Stop It Right Now.

Rape is facilitated by structural and systemic issues that shape our cultural environment.
They are unfair and disproportionately skew power relations in our society.
If we all take action now, we can change these issues.


Nigerian Rape Culture – What can Women do?

Rape is a violent assault on the physical and mental being of a person using sex as a weapon.
Rape attacks go unreported and unpunished – while the cycle continues.That now said women must undergo a complete reorientation on our thinking about our safety from rapists.


Vlog: Sexual Infections – What about Chlamydia?

Sexual activity is meant to provide satisfaction and enjoyment. So how do we end up with problems like sexually transmitted infections?
Whatever form of sexual activity you engage in – and by that I mean – oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex etc – you are at risk of contracting a sexual infection if your partner has the disease.


Sexual Assault in the Consulting room

From The Beginning… A visit to her doctor for what she thought was a standard consultation led to her sexual assault. The condition for which she sought treatment was an ‘ulcer’ and the treatment given by the doctor was a ‘stomach massage’. At the procedure, […]