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Pregnancy is the result of the fertilisation of an egg with sperm.

Fertilisation could happen following sex, where there is physical contact between a man and a woman’s reproductive organs.

Following fertilisation, there is implantation where the fertilised egg is planted within the womb to develop into the baby.

This natural process could also happen outside of the human body in what we refer to as in vitro fertilisation.


Is The Lotus Birth For You? – Part 2

With high rates of health care-associated infection in Nigeria, growing resistance to antimicrobial agents and relatively weak healthcare system, the potential risks that Lotus birth exposes the baby and mum would outweigh its potential benefits.


Diastasis Recti – Treating your Pregnancy Belly.

Ever heard of the ‘pregnancy belly’? For a lot of women, one of the ‘not so joyful’ aspects of recent motherhood is trying to get back to the same size and shape you were before pregnancy and childbirth. Changes During Pregnancy Many times, the changes […]


Pulmonary Embolism – It happened to Serena Williams.

Serena Williams hardly needs an introduction. Famous, talented, and arguably the best female tennis player of our age. But did you know the famous star almost died just after having her baby? Yes, the news could have been so very different. The thing is; the […]