Tag: Mental Health

Good mental health is a sense of wellness within one’s mind that is related to both the physical and non-physical states.

Severe physical illness can affect mental health.

Just as mental illness can happen without a physical ill-health.


Can You Keep Yourself Well and Healthy During A Pandemic?

How can you keep well and healthy during a pandemic – or despite one? And apart from the obvious illness due to the pandmic, which health issues quickly become disrupted and widen the damage? This article was originally presented at the first annual conference of […]


Growing Old and Mental Health

Mental health is therefore just as important as the physical. We think of Depression, Anxiety and other such problems when the term ‘mental health’ is used. But mental health is more than the absence of mental disorder……


Create Your Own Beauty

Motivation has to be a regularly occurring activity – you can’t be motivated once and remain motivated for life.
Successful people learn what best motivates them and keep them handy for use at the right time.


Top Ten Reasons for Your Headaches and How To Avoid Them.

Writer Fisayo Aturamu explains the top ten reasons for headaches and how to avoid them in this article. What are Headaches? A headache is a pain that occurs in the head. In 2016, the WHO reported that about half to three-quarters of the world’s adult […]