Tag: Medicines

Medicines are usually drugs that are used to provide a cure for a medical problem or relieve a symptom.

Some drugs are taken for their ability to stimulate the person and provide a feeling of euphoria such as cannabis or heroin.

While some may also have the ability to relieve symptoms, that may not be their common or general use.


Misusing Drugs: Who needs medical advice anyway? Part 1

This article targets the individual and household levels to provide important information using scenarios or imaginary case studies to connect with readers in diagnosing the problem of misuse of drugs and in proffering solutions, which in this case is to always seek medical advice before taking any medication to avoid serious complications.


Top Ten Things To Do – After a Snakebite

Snakebite is a fairly common incident as human activities encroach on or cross paths with wildlife. While prevention through safe environmental practices is important, it is also crucial to take the right and immediate actions in the circumstance of a snake bite.


Harmful effects of Codeine- based Cough Mixtures

The face of drug addiction in Nigeria, West Africa is gradually changing. It’s not just the ‘hard’ drugs we need to worry about – but those easily accessible for common health problems. Take a closer look… Why focus on Cough Mixtures? Increasingly news reports reveal […]


Antibiotics – How long should you have them?

Exactly how long should you take antibiotics? Sometimes this is NOT as obvious as it should be. A patient asked yesterday – ‘Doc if I’m feeling better after a few days, can I stop the antibiotics?’ We can’t overstate this so here it goes again: […]