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Medicines are usually drugs that are used to provide a cure for a medical problem or relieve a symptom.

Some drugs are taken for their ability to stimulate the person and provide a feeling of euphoria such as cannabis or heroin.

While some may also have the ability to relieve symptoms, that may not be their common or general use.


What Are Side Effects of Hormone-Based Fibroid Treatments?

Knowing the side effects of hormone-based fibroid treatments is important if you have to use them for a period of time. Of course, the method you choose can depend on your symptoms – and preference. Being aware of possible adverse effects ahead of time helps […]


Dealing Safely with Mechanical Low Back Pain

Updated December 2022 Back Pain is one of the most common ailments and has various causes. We know mechanical low back pain is high on the list of reasons for you to experience back pain. Introduction Mechanical Low Back Pain could develop along the course of routine […]