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Solving the Problem of Erectile Dysfunction?

“How can I solve the problem of Erectile Dysfunction?” This is a very common question in our enquiry segment. Here’s how to start looking into it….. What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Men will generally refer to any problem affecting their ability to experience adequate sexual […]


Can you use Contraception safely when Overweight?

When one factors in some of the clinical risks that contraceptive methods by themselves could cause, there is even more reason to study specific methods closely when one is overweight.
I thought it would be useful to review the recent guidance and remind ourselves about some key points to help stay safe and use contraception effectively.


Why Antibiotic Resistance Matters To You

Antibiotic resistance is what happens when bacteria become immune to the effects of an antibiotic to which they were once susceptible. This means that the antibiotic is no longer able to destroy a germ that it was previously able to.


Harmful effects of Codeine- based Cough Mixtures

The face of drug addiction in Nigeria, West Africa is gradually changing. It’s not just the ‘hard’ drugs we need to worry about – but those easily accessible for common health problems. Take a closer look… Why focus on Cough Mixtures? Increasingly news reports reveal […]