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Surgical consent is important before an operation

Who can give (Surgical) Consent? is the process of obtaining a decision from a patient about a specific treatment. Even though we talk about 'surgical' consent, consent must also be required for procedures which are not consi

Glass of cool orange based soft drink.

How Safe are our Soft Drinks?

.........Then, the Lagos High Court ruled that: 'high levels of benzoic acid and additives in Coca-Cola’s soft drinks could pose a health risk to consumers when mixed with ascorbic acid, commonly kn

lake landscape

Health and the Economy Intrinsically linked?

How does the economy really work? Or, asked differently, how should  the economy work for us? A simple way to think about the economy is – ‘people buy goods and services and people produc

Image of a lady in the shadow - assaulted by my doc

Sexual Assault in the Consulting room

From The Beginning… A visit to her doctor for what she thought was a standard consultation led to her sexual assault. The condition for which she sought treatment was an ‘ulcer’ and the trea

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